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At RICKMAN, we create defoamer chemistry for a better and more sustainable future.We believe that our mission is to work closely with our customers, providing them with antifoaming agent solutions enable them to deliver their potential.

Why Choose Rickman Defoamer Manufacturer?

1. Research and Development

Rickman set up an engineering technology center, who is responsible for defoamer and antifoam research and development technology. Our technical team is committed to developing new different defoamer solutions to meet any challenges of our partners and customers.

2. Production Capacity

Annual production capacity is 30,000 tons. The quality of foam control agents is essential to our company. As defoamer  manufacturer, there is a mature quality inspection procedures to ensure quality of antifoam compliance with standard.

3. Supply Channel

Rickman provides service for all over the world with technical support and abundant experience in customer service.

 Rickman MainAnti foams

Silicone Defoamer

Silicone antifoam is polysiloxanes as the primary active substance defoamer, with a particularly low surface tension. In foam problem, it offers highly effective antifoaming and foam control solutions in textile, pulp and paper, water treatment, oil and gas, construction metalworking liquid and other industries.

Fatty Alcohol Defoamer

Fatty alcohol defoamer is a type silicone free defoamer prepared from high grade fatty alcohol as the main active substance , which is mainly used in eliminating and control foam in paper making white water wet end and water treatment  and other industries and processes.

Polyether Defoamer

Polyether defoamer is a non-silicon defoamer mainly composed of modified polyether. It has the characteristics of good dispersibility in water and strong dynamic antifoaming ability. It is mainly used in paper process, oil and gas, alumina, power plant desulfurization, fermentation, water treatment , industrial cleaning and other industries.

Powder Defoamer

Powdered, silicone and silicone free antifoam is designed to degassing air and control foam in aqueous systems such as food processing, dry cement mortar, oil drilling ,water treatment, and other processes.

Defoamer compound

   Experience the power of our Antifoam Compound as it breaks the surface tension of liquids, liberating trapped gas bubbles with ease. It provides a clear path for unhindered progress, paving the way for seamless operations and enhanced productivity.

Mineral Oil Defoamer

Most mineral oil antifoam is prepared by the large coefficient of osmosis of mineral oil and hydrophobic particles as antifoaming active material, supplemented by antifoaming synergistic substance.

Our Purpose

To solve foam problem and improve efficiency through antifoam solutions.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in antifoam innovation and build a safer, healthier,  more sustainable world.


We strive to build a better and more sustainable world with our partners by solving chemistry problems with the right technology, experience and team. 

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