• Fermentation
    Defoamer For Fermentation During the fermentation process, the foam-active substances, air and turbulences contribute the excessive foam. Generally, carbohydrates as material, are converted into sugar substrates, enzymes, starches and proteins, which promote the foam appearance.  In addition, amino acids and proteins generated by microorganism can cause large of foam activity. As a manufacturer of foam control agents, RICKMAN provides a series of defoamer solutions for molasses fermentation, ethanol/ alcohol fermentation, distilleries, sugar refineries etc. Silicone defoamers and polyether defoamers provide excellent breaking foam and antifoaming performance for fermentative processes.  And adding procedure depends on the fermentation progress. The usage of antifoams can be adjusted according to the whole fermentation. RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR FERMENTATION
    - Jan 06, 2023
  • Construction
    Antifoams And Defoamers For Construction And Building Additives, material and stirred speed always lead to the foam appearance in construction. If the foam cannot disappear, the film shrinkage, and pinhole will be caused, which affects the quality and smooth appearance. Therefore, Rickman defoamers play an important role for solving foam questions. • Cement mortar • Concrete • Asbestos tile • Fiber cement • Gypsum • Polycarboxylate superplasticizer • Adhesives • Diatom ooze RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION
    - Jan 06, 2023
  • Textile And Leather
    Textile And Leather
    Defoamer And Anti foam Solutions For Textile & Leather Dyes and auxiliaries are the main factors for foaming appearance, such as penetrants, emulsifiers, and levellers tend to produce foam after being subjected to mechanical vibration.   And textile processes include textile dyeing, textile auxiliaries, textile sizing, textile printing, pre- treatment and after finish. Leather process, tanneries factories also produce unwanted foams at different stage of processes, due to they want to enhance the look, feel, water resistance and durability of products. Depending on the product, defoamers can be added as internal antifoam where they are in incorporated into the auxiliaries or external antifoams, where they are added to destroy the foams as it occurs.  Our silicone, and non-silicone defoamers provide high stability and efficiency in those processes. RICKMAN DEFOAMER SOLUTIONS FOR TEXTILE
    - Jan 06, 2023
  • Pulp And Paper
    Pulp And Paper
    Defoamers And Antifoams For Pulp And Paper Industry The foam appears during pulp production, due to the black liquor that is comprised of NaOH, Na25, tall oil soap, rosin soap, lignin, cellulose and other organic compounds. And paper machines are very sensitive to foam generation through chemical interactions on the machine such as sizing, fines, dry strength, wet strength.  Foaming can reduce pulp and final paper quality and quantity. Defoamers and antifoams from Rickman enable manufacturers to increase productivity and decrease production costs thanks to their defoaming and deaeration properties! Our Range of defoamers includes: *Silicone defoamers: for the pulp washing black liquor, and wastewater treatment *Fatty alcohol defoamers:  for paper making white water wet end, and the wastewater treatment *Polyether defoamers: for the paper making white water wet end, and the paper sizing and coating treatment *Mineral oil defoamers: for the paper sizing and coating treatment RICKMAN DEFOAMER SOLUTION FOR PULP AND PAPER
    - Jan 06, 2023
  • Oil And Gas
    Oil And Gas
    Foam Control Solutions For Oil And Gas Oil and gas exploration, oil drilling, oil and gas separation, delayed coking, refining, and transportation are carried our in extremely different conditions.  Bubbles can reduce the productivity, and create the safety and environmental pollution. Therefore, defoamers is necessary to add to reduce or eliminated to increase productivity, enhance quality. Silicone based and non-silicone based antifoaming agent from Rickman optimize the production, refining, and separation of oil and natural gas to make sure that the petrochemical material can be extracted as purely and efficiently as possible. RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR OIL AND GAS
    - Jan 06, 2023
  • Agriculture
    Defoamer And Antifoam Solutions For Agriculture In agriculture, fertilizers and pesticides, and others are the basic necessary to feed every growing population. In the process of pesticides and fertilizers based on the phosphoric acid, sulphur bentonite, diammonium phosphate, because of temperature, stirring speed and equipment conditions, the air is contributed during production. Those unwanted foams can affect the productive capacity and products’ quality. That focus has led Rickman to develop an extensive ranges defoamers for agriculture. Key futures and typical benefits: • Fast knock down the foams for a broad range of formulation •Long -lasting foam control • Excellent dispersibility and compatibility • Increased capacity •Widely applications RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR AGRICULTURE
    - Jan 16, 2023
  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment
    Foam Control Agents For Water treatment In water and wastewater treatment industries, the fluids contain bacteria, chemicals, and other compounds hazardous to human health. The causes of foam in different water treatment plants are varied. Foam can be caused by biological activity, mechanical action, chemical contamination, surfactants or some polymer. Regardless of the cause, excessive foams are unacceptable and often interfere with operations. Rickman manufacture defoamers and antifoams for following water treatments: • Sea water desalination • Industrial wastewater treatment • Industrial circulation water treatment • Municipal sewage treatment • Biological water treatment • Reverse Osmosis water treatment • Landfill leachate • Membrane system RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR WATER TREATMENT
    - Jan 16, 2023
  • Household
    Antifoams For Household And Detergent Consumers hope household detergents are full of functional, easy to handle and reduce water consumption. As very specialized and complex products, foam influence the products’ efficiency and performance.  This means that foam control agents is the necessary solutions for solving foam problem to make sure the quality household detergents. Rickman offers a line of antifoams for every class of household detergents.  Compound antifoams, antifoam emulsions and powder antifoams are useful to powder detergent/ laundry powder/ washing powder and all kinds of liquid detergent. RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR LAUNDRY AND HOUSEHOLD
    - Jan 16, 2023
  • Alumina
    Defoamer For Alumina Bayer Process In the process of alumina bayer process, especially by Bayer method, a large amount of foam is often produced in the mineral slurry, which reduces the decomposition speed of sodium aluminate solution, weakens the efficiency of evaporator, causes the increase of sodium carbonate content in the solution, reduces the flow of sand material, affects the coordination of production and loading workers. The foaming in the seed-sorting process of the settling tank will lead to the failure of the desired classification effect, even the failure to use the settling tank for classification treatment, which is not in line with the production process standards. Rickman brings professional defoamer solutions to your alumina bayer refinery process. RICKMAN ANTIFOAM SOLUTIONS FOR ALUMINA
    - Jan 16, 2023
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