Defoamers and Antifoams for Flexographic And Rotogravure Inks

Feb 22, 2023

During the production of ink, foam problem cause ink factoriesloss. Excessive foam will remain in the ink, affecting the performance and quality of the ink, resulting in its fluidity, adhesion, resistance to reduce the quality of the product.

There are many factors contributing to the foam:

1. Viscosity, resin and additives may cause ink surface tension to improve so that the bubble can not fade.

2. Substrate surface adhesion dust and oil stains and other substances

3. Printing speed is too fast or uneven

Some flexographic and rotogravure inks mills need higher antifoaming performance. The normal defoamer solutions cannot solve their foam problems. Therefore, they will choose BYK-019 defoamer solution. As defoamer manufacturer with advanced technology and equipment, there are defoamer solutions for flexo and rotogravure inks, such as our RK-075 replaced BYK-019 defoamer.

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