Polyether defoamer for alunmina
Polyether defoamer for alunmina

High Cost-Effective Alumina Antifoam

RK-900P is a non-silicone antifoaming agent with hydroxy compound and synergist. It has great
performance of foam inhibition persistent, alkali and acid resistance. It can resist high temperature
above 100 ℃. It mainly used in alumina refinery bayer process.
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    Colorless to light yellow transparent
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High Cost-Effective Alumina Antifoam


Alumina production by Bayer process

Product property:
Strong foam inhibition performance
Alkali and acid resistance
High temperature resistance, which resist above 100℃

Main physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent

pH: 5.0~8.0

Application Process:
RK-900P could be added directly. It cannot be diluted by water
The volume of addition is 0.05~0.5%

High Cost-Effective Alumina Antifoam

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