Which defoaming agent is used in paper industry?

Mar 17, 2023

Paper making process is an important process for paper forming. A lot of additives, such as sizing agent, retention agent, filter aid,wet strength agent,dry strength agent etc are to be used to form paper with certain performance. These additives are added in different dosing points. And it’s easy to form foaming during white water circulation in closed system.

Silicone defoamer, fatty alcohol defoamer, mineral oil defoamer and polyether defoamer are used on site. Fatty alcohol defoamer is widely used in applications and Like, production processes of cardboard paper, newsprint paper,paper board,corrugated paper. Generally, silicone defoamer has relatively lower performance and easily causes silicone spots in paper sheets and form fourdrinier pit.

Recommendation:Fatty alcohol defoamer or modified fatty alcohol defoamer.

Paper machine defoamer is usually added in the points with a lot foam, for instance underwire white water chest or white water tank. Defoamer will be added continuously in several dosing points to give full play of defoamer performance.It will not only achieve good performance but also save cost. For defoamer with good dispersion, it can be used by pre-dilution; For defoamer with common dispersion, it’s suggested that defoamer can be used without dilution or dilution on line near dosing points in order to ensure the amount and concentration of defoamer particles.

Defoamer is a kind of functional chemical instead of general chemical.And it will be chosen based on mill trial specific to certain paper product. Such as:


High Efficiency Fatty Alcohol Antifoam

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