Defoamers for Industrial Water Treatment

May 06, 2023

Defoamer for industrial water treatment is a widely used chemical. Its main function is to remove foam during water treatment. Defoamer can quickly break bubbles in water and prevent bubbles from forming again.

Its principle is to destroy the surface tension in water through the action of surfactants, causing bubbles in the water to burst. Surfactants can be classified into various types, including anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, and non-ionic surfactants. In water treatment, non-ionic surfactants are generally used as the main defoamer.

Defoamers for industrial water treatment can not only remove foam, but also improve the water treatment effect. In addition, defoamers can reduce energy consumption and production costs, and improve the economic benefits of industrial production.

According to its different properties and uses, it can be classified into different categories.

According to their different chemical composition,it can be divided into organic antifoam agent and inorganic antifoam agent. Organic antifoam agent has good foam inhibition effect and is suitable for most water treatment processes. Inorganic antifoam agent has a weak inhibition effect on foam in water, but has a good removal effect on colloidal and floating matter in water.

Regarding its application and effect, it can be divided into surfactant antifoam agent and inert-gas antifoam agent. Surfactant antifoam agent has good antifoaming effect, but they may cause pollution to water bodies during use. The inert-gas antifoam agent can effectively eliminate the foam in water, and will not cause pollution, but its price is relatively high. For sewage treatment in different industries, different components of defoamers can be selected for defoaming and foam suppression.

antifoam for water treatment

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