High Cost-Effective  Mineral Oil Defoamer  Antifoam

High Cost-Effective Mineral Oil Defoamer

RK-707 is mainly made of mineral oil with large expansion coefficient and hydrophobic particles as defoaming active substances, assisted by defoaming synergistic substances. Mineral oil increases the expansion velocity of defoaming particles, and hydrophobic particles reduce the entry energy barrier of defoaming particles. The interaction between the two provides excellent defoaming performance. At the same time, mineral oil has a good affinity with organic matter, so it will not cause surface defects. It is mainly used in the emulsion and latex of water-based coatings, and the adhesive made by the emulsion or latex and waterborne building coatings. The effect is more obvious in the system with higher viscosity. It also can be used in the leather edge oil.

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    Light yellow opaque liquid ​
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High Cost-Effective  Mineral Oil Defoamer


Styrene acrylic emulsion, Silicone acrylic emaulsion, acrylic emulsion, vinegar butyl acrylate emaulsion etc coating system

Waterborne latex (styrene/butadiene, acrylic acid, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer, vinyl acetate, dichloroethylene and water-soluble alkyd)

Water based adhesives and latex paints

Thick slurry and high viscosity system

Elastic wool drawing, floor paint, leather edge oil system

Product property:

High efficiency in adhesive and coating systems

Suitable for waterborne formulation

Good performances in leather edge oil system

Break foam fast and foam control for a long time

Low addition, cost-effective

Main physical and chemical properties:

Appearance:Light yellow opaque liquid

Viscosity (25°C) :1500~8000mPa ·s 

Active content:100% 

pH :5.5-7.0

Application Process

Defoamer consists of hydrophobic liquid and hydrophobic particles. It is recommended that the user should fully stir before using, even if the surface is not stratified; long-term storage may be slightly stratified, evenly mixed and used, without affecting the effect.

The additive amount is 0.2-0.6% of coating weight, added 1.0-1.5at pulping process, added 1.0-1.5again at paint correction. The optimum addition should be depended on specific situation. Do not dilute. If diluted with water, the antifoaming performance will be destroyed.

High Cost-Effective  Mineral Oil Defoamer

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RK-5 D S is a emulsion type polyether modified silicone antifoam, it has good acid&alkali, temperature, shear resistance, and stable in pulp washing black liquid system, no gel formation. Good foam control performance can be achieved by small dosage. Widely used in paper pulp production to prevent the foam issue in the production process, textile auxiliaries, textile dyeing, industrial cleaning, wastewater treatment, etc. ​
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