Desulfuration Industry

Feb 25, 2023

In the desulfurization system, the concentration of flue gas dust is too high, and the impurities containing a large number of inert substances enter the slurry of the absorber, resulting in the increase of heavy metal content, which further resulting in the increase of the surface tension of the slurry. Then the slurry surface appears foaming, and results in the overflow of the absorber, therefore defoamer is necessary for desulfuration.

Here are antifoam solutions for desulfuration process in Rickman company. Please kindly find more products:

RK-400P is a 100% active silicone free antifoam with great defoaming and foam control performance in wastewater treatment and desulfurization etc.

400s is a highly efficient defoamer for mining, oil and gas, industrial cleaning, agriculture etc.

RK-700P is a silicone free based defoamer with breaking foam quickly in many industries.

RK-8636 is a innovative silicone defoamer, which is ready to used in widely applications, such as textile, water treatment, fermentation, PCB cleaning and desulfuration.

RK-0036 is a high antifoaming defoamer with 30% content. Low dosage can achieve optimized result in  textile printing, general industrial, cooling water treatment, PCB cleaning, adhesive, glove production  and desulfuration.

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