Emulsification and Solubilization of Surfactants

Feb 21, 2023

The trend of the steady growth of surfactants in the world provides a good external environment for the development and expansion of the cosmetic industry, and the requirements of product structure, variety, performance and technology are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically develop safe, mild, easy to biodegrade and have special functions of surfactants to provide theoretical basis for the development and application of new products. It is important to develop glycoside surfactants, and a variety of polyols and alcohol-based surfactants can be developed. Systematic research and development of soybean phospholipid surfactants; To develop sucrose fatty acid vinegar series products, strengthen the research of compounding technology, and expand the application range of existing products.

The phenomenon of uniformly emulsifying insoluble substances in water to form emulsions is called emulsification. Emulsifiers are mainly used in cosmetics to produce pastes and lotions. Common silty cream and Zhongxing cream are O/W type emulsions that can be emulsified with anionic emulsifier fatty acid soap (soap). It is easy to make emulsion with less oil by emulsifying with soap, and the gelation of soap can make it have greater viscosity. For the cold cream containing a lot of oil phase, the emulsion is W/O type, can choose the natural lanolin emulsification with large water absorption and viscosity. At present, the most widely used nonionic emulsifier is safe and less irritating.

The phenomenon of increasing the solubility of slightly soluble or insoluble substances is called solubilization. When a surfactant is added to water, the surface tension of the water begins to drop sharply, forming micelles of surfactant molecules. The concentration of surfactant used to form micelles is called the critical micelle concentration. When the surfactant concentration reaches the critical micellar concentration, the micellar can attract the oil or solid particles to the end of the oleophilic group, so it can increase the solubility of the slightly soluble or insoluble matter.

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