Latex Gloves Production

Feb 25, 2023

Foam control agents in a wide range of applications

For many industries, excessive foam is a problem. It can cause vessels to overflow, interfere with processes and packaging, waste material and damage equipment.

Defoamers and Antifoams prevent unwanted foam formation and help solve these challenges efficiently. Our lineup ranges from products based on silicone, polyether, compound, mineral oil, powder and other silicone free defoamers.

In the latex gloves production, because of the addition of other additives such as wetting agent dispersing agent, thickening agent, emulsifier, to produce chemical reaction, resulting in a large number of foams. The non-standard mixing during production or the entry of gas during high-speed mixing will further lead to the increase of foam and bring a lot of adverse effects to the production.

Please find more antifoam products:

RK-0036 is a high antifoaming defoamer with 30% content. Low dosage can achieve optimized result in textile printing, general industrial, cooling water treatment, PCB cleaning, adhesive, glove production etc.

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