Polymer Industry

Feb 25, 2023

In the process of polymer emulsion polymerization and suspension polymerization, due to the introduction of the polymer emulsifier or suspending agent, it causes a lot of foams, which will result in low production efficiency, product quality decline, but also lead to low molecular content exceed the standard. Defoamer can destroy the membrane elasticity and lead to the bubble burst. Defoamer diffuses to the gas-liquid interface after adding, and the surfactant with foam stabilizing effect is difficult to recover the ability of membrane elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating or controlling foam.

Here are antifoam solutions in Rickman company:

RK-30S is a 30% active silicone antifoaming agent. It’s highly efficiently antifoaming in textile printing, construction, industrial effluent treatment and emulsion polymerization.

RK-1107 is a 100% active defoamer,specially designed for emulsion adhesive.

RK-207 is a silicone free, 100% active antifoaming agent. It works efficiently in emulsion polymerization, suspension polymerization.

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