Antifoam-Household and Laundry washing

Jan 16, 2023

Antifoams For Household And Detergent

Consumers hope household detergents are full of functional, easy to handle and reduce water consumption. As very specialized and complex products, foam influence the productsefficiency and performance.  This means that foam control agents is the necessary solutions for solving foam problem to make sure the quality household detergents.

Rickman offers a line of antifoams for every class of household detergents.  Compound antifoams, antifoam emulsions and powder antifoams are useful to powder detergent/ laundry powder/ washing powder and all kinds of liquid detergent.

  • Antifoams for liquid detergent
     In the life, Liquid detergents bring convenience to people, bearking down and remove dirt and grime. But excessive foam can harm aquatic life and cause pollutions, leading to clogged drains and create potential safety hazards. And antifoam can prevent excessive foam generation. 
  • Antifoams for powder detergent
    In mordern life, the powder detergent is necessary  products. However, durting powder detergents' production, the excessive foam will bring harms , such as environment, helath, and efficiency of detergents.  Rickman's range of powder and granule antofoams can solve unwanted foam problems to imporve and meet the performance and compatibility of detergents you may produce.

Our products:

RK-06P    RK-106P     RK-900N     RK-33S    RK-30N   RK-63B



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