Guide Pulp& Paper Mill-Wide Operation Toward Common Goals

Mar 30, 2023
Valmet launched Mill-Wide Optimization (MWO) to improve the overall profitability of pulp and paper mills. With Valmet MWO, manufacturing team can improve plant performance by making informed decisions across different processes to achieve common goals.
MWO observes the balance of the entire plant in real time, taking into account the current and future state of the plant. Sub-optimization of individual processes that do not meet plant goals can thus be avoided. MWO also provides the ability to balance environmental sustainability with production, quality and cost.
‘The pulp and paper industry is changing towards autonomous operations and towards a younger workforce with new roles and responsibilities. Valmet MWO helps to leverage these changes and unlock the full potential of the mill ’, said Greg Fralic, MWO Product Manager of Valmet Automation Systems Business Line.
The factory's production schedule helps MWO keep up with daily changes in production bottlenecks. Valmet MWO reflects the current
situation of the factory and maximizes production under existing and expected bottlenecks, while stabilizing the process and balancing pulp and liquid inventory.
Plant-wide quality planning helps to achieve the desired quality of the final product while keeping low costs. It adjusts quality targets at each step from the chip to the finished product.

To avoid optimizing individual processes, pulp and paper mills need to be evaluated as a whole.Valmet MWO audit helps to reveal the true production potential and corresponding return on investment. Based on historical data, MWO audit can help assess increased production potential, identify constraints and highlight using cases for MWO. It also helps identify the development opportunities required for fully optimizing operations.

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