Using sugarcane and corn as raw materials, Goldwin and Spiber will collaborate to release new products containing brewed protein fibers

Apr 04, 2023

Japanese biotechnology company Spiber has partnered with Japanese sportswear manufacturer Goldwin to announce the launch of its 2023 autumn and winter collections for five brands, using protein fibers brewed from structural protein materials.

The demand for alternative fabrics that do not contain petroleum or animal products in the textile industry is growingand brewed protein fiber is a structural protein material that are promising to meet this demand.

Due to the limited availability of Brewed Protein Fiber, all items were previously sold in limited quantities by lottery. Starting from this autumn, this series will be released on a large-scale production system and sold globally and sold worldwide. Since 2015 Goldwin has been working with Spiber to develop structural protein materials for apparel products with the goal of solving different environmental challenges related to the apparel industry.

Brewed protein materials are fibers, films and other types of materials manufactured through the fermentation of plant-based ingredients. (The sugars from renewable biomass such as sugarcane and corn are used as the main raw material for brewing protein materials, known as microbial nutrients.) This novel material was created using Spiber's proprietary technology platform, which enables customized design and molecular engineering of naturally inspired protein polymers. These materials can provide alternative solutions to a variety of traditional animal-based, plant-based and synthetic materials for a variety of uses, including textile applications in the apparel industry.

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