Non-wood fiber materials at the forefront of innovation in the European paper industry

Apr 22, 2023

Recently, the European Paper Industry Confederation (Cepi) commissioned the nova-Institute, a private research institute in Germany, to conduct a survey on 33 non-wood pulp producers in Europe. The report shows that non-wood fiber still has great potential in promoting the sustainable development of the pulp and paper industry.

This study investigated almost all types of non wood fiber materials used by European non-wood pulp producers, from agricultural residues, by-products and specialized non-wood fibers to materials such as straw, flax and hemp, as well as the textile industry of waste. It is found that these non-wood fibers can help the pulp&paper industry to achieve the diversification of fiber raw materials and improve the availability of fiber.

In addition, non-wood fibers are likely to be an important driving force for process and product innovation in the paper industry in the future, for example, some specific properties of crop and agricultural residue fibers can be used to develop new biological materials.

At present, non-wood fibers are widely used in Europe. It can already be used to produce tissues, toilet paper, printing paper, cigarette paper, anti-counterfeiting paper, and other special paper and cardboard, as well as the recently popular food packaging cardboard. This not only compensates for the shortage of raw materials in the paper industry, but also improves the circularity of agricultural and textile sectors. In the future, European manufacturers will continue to cooperate in the research and development of other uses of non-wood fiber materials.

In this regard, Cepi said: "Sustainable management of raw material procurement and a high degree of circularity remain the defining characteristics of the European paper industry. In the future, non-wood fibers will continue to play a role and become an important raw material for paper mills and recycling plants. Paper Industry will effectively utilize non-wood fiber resources and achieve higher added value."

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