The Earthquake in Turkey Halted Paper Mills

Mar 06, 2023

The massive earthquake in Turkey on February 6, which shocked the whole country and killed tens of thousands of people, will also have an impact on the Turkish paper industry.

For example, Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of the earthquake, is home to two paper mills, Kipas Kagit and KMK Paper. Both factories are now in a state of shutdown.

Kipas Kagit produces waste paperboard base paper at its factory in Kahramanmaraş with an annual capacity of approximately 450,000 tons. KMK Paper's factory in Kahramanmaraş produces recycled paper-based corrugated base paper, gray paperboard and core paperboard with a capacity of 150,000 tones/year.

Other paper mills in the region may also be affected, although there is no information about them yet. For example, Essel Kagit runs a tissue mill in Osmaniye, and Ankutsan's containerboard mill plans to add a new machine this year, which is located in Adana, along with several other paper mills.

Shortly after the earthquake, Osmaniye Tissue Factory in Essex County showed that although the tissue PM was not damaged and the factory itself did not suffer any serious damage, it decided to stop production out of concern for the suffering of the workers and human beings. According to well-informed people, Osmaniye is now up and running again after about a week of standstill. The factory can produce about 31,000 tons of tissue paper per year.

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