Asia's Largest Double-layer Semi-underground Water Purification Plant

Mar 09, 2023

Recently, Water Purification Plant Phase II (EPC) project, the largest double-layer semi-underground water purification plant in Asia, was commissioned by China Central South Institute of Municipal Affairs, has the opening ceremony ,marking that the main project has entered the substantive construction stage.

The project is located in Futian District, Shenzhen. The design scale of the expansion project is 300,000 cubic meters/day,the renovation project (to improve sewage discharge standards) will reach 700,000 cubic meters per day upon completion, and the design scale of the water transfer project is 70,000 cubic meters per day. It will be built a world-class and high-quality demonstration project.

After completion, the project will effectively reduce the operating pressure of Water Purification Plant and the main drainage canal, ensure that all sewage within the service range is receivable, and improve the water quality of river basins to build Shenzhen into "the most suitable for human habitation, high-tech, ecological, garden style modern central city" . Phase II EPC project team has the advantages of design leadership, design, procurement, construction integration, the "six management system" as the guide, solid progress in project construction ,to create high-quality projects.

As for water, the project adopts AOA process, which reduces the power consumption and carbon source addition by about 20% compared with the traditional process, and the effluent standard is TN≤8mg/L. The advantage of the process is to make full use of carbon sources and achieve deep nitrogen and phosphorus removal with low C/N ratio of domestic sewage. Simple process, only one reflux, energy saving, convenient operation management.

As for the sludge, the moisture content of the sludge is less than 40%. After the disposal of the sludge, it is directly transported to the power plant for incineration and power generation to realize the secondary utilization of resources. 

Through optimization design, with the cost of semi-underground construction, the effect of fully underground construction will be achieved, and the new technology will be used to create a model of special innovation of modern public facilities.

 Water Purification Plant will make changes from the aspects of space intensive saving, green and low-carbon resources, and connotation and culture empowerment to create a comprehensive demonstration "energy conversion field", which will become a "model case" of modern public facilities.

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