Antifoam-Oil And Gas

Jan 06, 2023

Foam Control Solutions For Oil And Gas

Oil and gas exploration, oil drilling, oil and gas separation, delayed coking, refining, and transportation are carried our in extremely different conditions.  Bubbles can reduce the productivity, and create the safety and environmental pollution.

Therefore, defoamers is necessary to add to reduce or eliminated to increase productivity, enhance quality.

Silicone based and non-silicone based antifoaming agent from Rickman optimize the production, refining, and separation of oil and natural gas to make sure that the petrochemical material can be extracted as purely and efficiently as possible.

  • Antifoams for delay coking
    Foam is a problem in the delay coking process because it can reduce the efficiency of the process and increase emissions. Foam can form when the coke is heated too quickly, which can cause it to vaporize and create bubbles that form a foam. This foam can then block the flow of liquid and gases, leading to increased pressure in the vessel and reduced heat transfer.
  • Antifoam for oil and gas separation
    Foam can be detrimental to oil and gas separation processes because it can reduce the efficiency of the separator. Foam can cause droplets of oil to remain suspended in the gas, leading to a decrease in the overall efficiency of the separation process.
  • Antifoam for oil drilling
    Oil spills can occur during the extraction process, which can contaminate water sources and harm marine life. Additionally, air pollution from burning fossil fuels is a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Antifoam for oil refinery
    Foam in an oil refinery can be dangerous because it can cause fires and explosions. Foam is a combustible material, and when it is exposed to heat or sparks, it can ignite and cause a fire or explosion and block pipes and valves, which can lead to equipment failure and disruption of the refinery's operations.

Our products:

Antifoam compound(Silicone antifoam): RK-400S RK-30C RK-8636

Polyether antifoam: RK-700P RK-0036


Defoamer for oil and gas

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