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Jan 06, 2023

Antifoams And Defoamers For Construction And Building

Additives, material and stirred speed always lead to the foam appearance in construction. If the foam cannot disappear, the film shrinkage, and pinhole will be caused, which affects the quality and smooth appearance.

Therefore, Rickman defoamers play an important role for solving foam questions.

Cement mortar Concrete

Asbestos tile Fiber cement

Gypsum Polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Adhesives Diatom ooze

  • Why antifoam is used in concrete admixture?
    Foam can reduce the effectiveness of the admixture, leading to reduced performance in concrete and  also cause air entrainment, which can lead to increased permeability and decreased strength.
    Antifoams can reduce the amount of air entrained in the mix and the amount of water needed in concrete mixes, allowing for more efficient use of resources,  and lead to a stronger and more durable finished product.
  • Why defoamer is used for adhesives?
    Antifoams can  reduce air bubbles in adhesives, which can lead to better adhesion and a stronger bond. Additionally, antifoams can help reduce viscosity and improve flow characteristics of adhesives, resulting in better coverage and easier application.
  • Why antifoam is used in cement mortar?
    Foam in cement mortar can reduce the strength of the mortar, reduce its water-resistance, and increase its permeability. Antifoam works by breaking down the surface tension of the foam bubbles, allowing them to collapse and disperse. This reduces the amount of air entrained in the mortar, resulting in a stronger and more durable mix.
  • Why antifoam is used for fiber cement and gypsum?
    Antifoams reduce the amount of air entrapment, which can lead to weak spots in the finished product. Additionally, antifoams help to improve product consistency and quality by preventing the formation of bubbles in the mix.

Our products:

Silicone antifoams: RK-1210S RK-1215A

Polyether antifoams: RK-800P RK-600P RK-0036

Powder antifoams: RK-04P RK-104P RK-07P


Defoamer for construction and building materials

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