Jan 16, 2023

Defoamer And Antifoam Solutions For Agriculture

In agriculture, fertilizers and pesticides, and others are the basic necessary to feed every growing population. In the process of pesticides and fertilizers based on the phosphoric acid, sulphur bentonite, diammonium phosphate, because of temperature, stirring speed and equipment conditions, the air is contributed during production. Those unwanted foams can affect the productive capacity and productsquality.

  • Antifoams for pesticide
    Foam is often used as a delivery system for pesticides, but it can be dangerous if not used properly. Foam can trap and concentrate the pesticide in one area, leading to an increased risk of exposure to humans and animals.
  • Antifoams for fertilizer
    Foam in fertilizers may lead to harmful effects on crops if not applied properly, which  blocks the uptake of nutrients and water, leading to nutrient starvation and stunted growth of crops. It can also cause root damage if too much fertilizer is applied or too close to the roots.
  • Antifoams for phosphoric acid process
    Wet process phosphoric acid production is a process used to produce phosphoric acid from phosphate rock. It involves the reaction of sulfuric acid with phosphate rock, which produces phosphoric acid and calcium sulfate (gypsum).

That focus has led Rickman to develop an extensive ranges defoamers for agriculture.

Key futures and typical benefits:

• Fast knock down the foams for a broad range of formulation

•Long -lasting foam control

• Excellent dispersibility and compatibility

• Increased capacity

•Widely applications

Our Products:

RK-T35 RK-8636 RK-900N RK-30N RK-63B RK-8KD


Defoamer for agriculture

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