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Jan 06, 2023

Defoamer And Anti foam Solutions For Textile & Leather

Dyes and auxiliaries are the main factors for foaming appearance, such as penetrants, emulsifiers, and levellers tend to produce foam after being subjected to mechanical vibration.   And textile processes include textile dyeing, textile auxiliaries, textile sizing, textile printing, pre- treatment and after finish.

Leather process, tanneries factories also produce unwanted foams at different stage of processes, due to they want to enhance the look, feel, water resistance and durability of products.

Depending on the product, defoamers can be added as internal antifoam where they are in incorporated into the auxiliaries or external antifoams, where they are added to destroy the foams as it occurs.  Our silicone, and non-silicone defoamers provide high stability and efficiency in those processes.

  • Why antifoam is used for textile dyeing?
    Water-based system is composed of dye and textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries. Under high-temperature, mechanical vibration and shear force, it's easy to form a lot of foam. During mid temperature dyeing process, water-based system includes lots of dye, scouring agent, permeating agent and other surfactants. Because of mechanical vibration, water-based system is easy to form a lot of foam.
  • Why antifoam is used for textile auxiliaries?
    Textile auxiliary production always use a largeamountofsurfactants as basic material. With continuous heating and mechanical stirring, it's easy to formbubbles. Internal addition and external addition decide the defoamers’ performances.
  • Why antifoam is used in textile printing and sizing process?
    Textile pulping mainly includes starch, carboxyl methyl cellulose, methyl cellulose polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate, and acrylate. Under shear force and with temperature and pH change, those macromolecular substances are easy to form bubbles. And during beating and stirring, print paste is easy to form foam. If foam is not dealt with promptly, print paste will appear white point and spot, or it will make fabric pattern color fuzz.
  • Why defoamer is used for pre-treatment and after finish process?
    Pre-treatment: it needs desizing agent when product desizing, scouring&bleaching agent and detergent while bleaching&washing. For better permeation into the fabric, high temperature and strong alkali boiling-off are necessary, but they cause foam appearance. After finish: it needs to add softening agent and keep continuous heating ,which is easy to form a lot of foam.

Our products:

Antifoam compound (silicone antifoam): RK-900N RK-30N RK-63B RK-15S RK-23S RK-110S RK-83S RK-8636 RK-100S RK-30S RK-63T RK-0036 RK-561 RK-T60

Mineral oil antifoam: RK-203

Powder(granule) antifoam: RK-02P RK-03P


Defoamer for textile industry

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