Antifoam-Water Treatment

Jan 16, 2023

Foam Control Agents For Water treatment

In water and wastewater treatment industries, the fluids contain bacteria, chemicals, and other compounds hazardous to human health. The causes of foam in different water treatment plants are varied. Foam can be caused by biological activity, mechanical action, chemical contamination, surfactants or some polymer. Regardless of the cause, excessive foams are unacceptable and often interfere with operations.

Rickman manufacture defoamers and antifoams for following water treatments:

Sea water desalination Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial circulation water treatment Municipal sewage treatment

Biological water treatment Reverse Osmosis water treatment

Landfill leachate Membrane system

Benefits of antifoam and defoamer for water treatment, such as:

  • Antifoaming agents are essential chemicals for reverse osmosis water treatment and landfill leachate as they help decrease the amount of foam produced during the filtration process. As mentioned above, foam can disturb the effectiveness of the system and can cause a series of problems such as clogged filters and decreased water flow.

  • Defoamers are used in urban wastewater treatment to decrease the amount of foam on the water surface. Problems such as decreased efficiency of the treatment process, accrued energy costs and accrued sludge buildup are all caused by foam. The operating principle of defoamers is to destroy the surface tension of bubble, causing it to collapse and disperse.

  • Defoamers with high antifoaming efficiency, are important chemical additives for biological water treatment. Defoamers from Rickman have good diffusivity and permeability, complete compatibility and strong oxidation resistance. They help decrease the amount of foam produced when organic materials are broken down by bacteria, thereby preventing inefficiencies caused by foam. Defoamers also help decrease the number of air bubbles emerged during aeration, which can cause oxygen transfer and lead to poor water quality.

  • And how to find the most suitable defoamer solutions for  water treatment, such as landifill leachate, general wastewater treatment?

    1. Defoamer should be tested and verified the added volume by small trial test.

    2. The amount and the method of addition depends on the foaming capacity of the water on site.  Moreover, the wastewater treatment should be a dynamic process of continuous replenishment of new wastewater.

    3. The foaming force is also a dynamic fluctuation, which needs to be determined by pilot test!

Defoamer for water treatment (Brochure)

Silicone(Water based) defoamers           Polyether defoamers       Fatty alcohol defoamers

RK-8636 RK-400P RK-F0080

RK-1210S RK-500P

RK-1215A RK-700P

RK-10S RK-800P

RK-0036 RK-883S

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