fatty alcohol defoaming agent

High Degassing Peformance Antifoaming Agent

RK-F0020 is a silicone free defoaming agent prepared from special high-grade fatty alcohols as the main active substance through special emulsification, which is mainly used in degassing and control foam in the paper machine and paper making waste water treatment industries and fermentation.

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High Degassing Peformance Antifoaming Agent


It has strong defoaming performance for white water produced from paper or paperboard made from waste paper and wood pulp

To eliminate the surface foam of white water containing modified starch and  remove the bubbles adsorbed on the fiber in the water

Sea water desalination, waste water treatment


Product characteristic

Low viscosity, good dispersion in water

Good degassing  and stability

Suitable for all kinds of paper types, very versatile

Main physical and chemical properties:

Apperance: Milky white liquid

Solid content:18~22%


Application Process:

Generally, the addition amount of 100 ~ 1000ppm can effectively control the foam in the production process. In different production processes, the optimal addition amount should be determined after field testing.

RK-F0020 can be used directly in the production process or after dilution. It is recommended to use a metering pump for continuously addition.

High Degassing Peformance Antifoaming Agent

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