Textile And Leather

Jan 06, 2023

Defoamer And Anti foam Solutions For Textile & Leather

Dyes and auxiliaries are the main factors for foaming appearance, such as penetrants, emulsifiers, and levellers tend to produce foam after being subjected to mechanical vibration.   And textile processes include textile dyeing, textile auxiliaries, textile sizing, textile printing, pre- treatment and after finish.

Leather process, tanneries factories also produce unwanted foams at different stage of processes, due to they want to enhance the look, feel, water resistance and durability of products.

Depending on the product, defoamers can be added as internal antifoam where they are in incorporated into the auxiliaries or external antifoams, where they are added to destroy the foams as it occurs.  Our silicone, and non-silicone defoamers provide high stability and efficiency in those processes.


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